Tammy discovers one night that her shopping addiction just might be the death of her...

"Consumed", a darkly comedic horror short film from first time female filmmaker JP Bradham

JP Bradham


"With strong acting, heavy tension, subtle humour, a warped premise and a pinch of insanity, this film is like a scene from MonkeyDust, presented as an episode of Black Mirror"

- Vocal Media

JP Bradham



Georgina starred in the critically acclaimed 'Pontypool', which premiered at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival. It wasn't very long before Georgina became a household name in Canada for her roles in series such as 'Murdoch Mysteries'.

Georgina currently plays Janis Calavicci on hit TV show "Quantum Leap" in the United States for which she has signed on for a second season.

JP Bradham

Matthew Grondin

Matthew is a Company Member of The Antaeus Theatre Company in Los Angeles, CA.

He has worked at many Regional Theatres throughout the country, including South Coast Repertory, Kirk Douglas Theatre, La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts, Ensemble Theatre Company, Rubicon Theatre Company, Stage West Theatre and Boston Court.

JP Bradham

Shaw Jones

Shaw Jones can be seen on Amazon Prime with leading roles in the features Proximity, which he garnered praise from Rolling Stones’ Peter Travers and Blue, which he has been honored with two Best Actor Awards.

Television work includes Your Honor, Star Trek: Picard, The Upshaws, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Snowfall, Grace and Frankie, The Affair, 911, The Cool Kids, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, For All Mankind and a recurring player on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Shaw’s most recent theater productions include No Place To Be Somebody at the WACO Theater and starring as Lee Harvey Oswald in Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins.

Deirdre Devlin

Deirdre has seen a successful career as an actor, recurring on shows such as NBC's 'A Little Late with Lily Singh' and Voice Over roles on 'Robot Chicken' as well as several National Commercials for notable Global Brands.


JP Bradham always loved telling stories, having her first experience with the joy of making films on her 10th birthday, when she got the camcorder she begged her mom for (which meant she went from forcing her brothers to be in her plays to forcing them to be in her movies).

Although she went to school for architectural design (that never amounted to anything) she would find herself on many different paths that led to a career in marketing. It was after writing copy for so many years and creating content for the corporate world that she found herself landing a gig in a production company working under Director Sophia Banks starting in the commercial department. It was here that she realized that what she did for fun could be what she did for work, too.

Inspired to develop her voice and foundation as a writer, JP was amongst the first group of screenplay writers that went on to work with the Sundance Co//ab program, attending four courses over a span of two years. Always eager to expand her knowledge of her craft, she enrolled in the UCLA Extension Program where she is currently on her way to earn a Certification for Screenplay Writing.

With a (sick) love for the horror genre, JP made her directorial debut with her short film "Consumed", a project with a message of the insidious nature of consumerism, asking the question: are we buying from a corporation or is a corporation buying us?

JP has a passion for using horror as a vehicle for telling stories related to social issues in a subverted way, touching on topics that are already horrifying and amplifying those messages. She is currently working on several projects as a writer across television and film with the hope that no matter how you feel about her work, that it always makes you think about things a little differently than you did before.

"That this is her first foray into filmmaking is simply staggering and after seeing this, everyone will be on edge to consume what she brings us next."

- GBHBL Magazine